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A short bio... unEarthed

unEarthed Sampling was Founded in January of 2014 by veteran video game composer Rich Douglas.  We strive to bring you instruments for Kontakt that you, hopefully, find as unique as we do!  Instruments that you are not likely to find anywhere else for a price that won't break the bank!  In fact you have probably heard of (or utilized) some of Rich's previous sample sets such as The Door, Soft Tension Hits, and The Cello of Damascus... if you're not familiar with these, be sure to check them out HERE.    


The idea here at unEarthed Sampling is to bring you extremely cinematic instruments that are playable right out of the box with very little tweaking which are not all that expensive..  These sets will be larger in scope than what Rich has previously released.  In fact, these will mainly be Instruments that we have unEarthed, rescued, or re-appropriated from strange sources and/or places.  Instruments that in some cases aren't even instruments at all.  


          ... stay tuned my friends, we have some interesting things in store!

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