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  • Unconventional Clicks, Clacks, Stomps, and Metal Clangs / Impact multisamples all recorded in an old hall. Tensiontastic!

  • Loads of wood clicks and clacks recorded from non instrument sources

  • Tons of metal pings, clangs, and impacts recorded from non instrument sources

  • Ensemble Stomps recorded on the stage.  HUGE!

  • Perfect for Sci Fi, Horror, and Action cues

  • 4 X RR for many patches

  • 25 Kontakt Instruments

  • Highly (and easily) tweakable GUI

  • Toggleable Convolution Reverb with 13 oroginal impulse responses selectable via the GUI

  • Control the High, Mid, and LO EQ tweaks from the GUI

  • Control the attack of each patch from the GUI

  • Cinematic tensionfilled awesomeness out of the box!

  • For the FULL version of Kontakt 4.2+



Vitals about the instrument unEarthed
Tension Hits 2 Explained



Tension Hits 2 is the sequel to Soft Tension Hits.  Where STH focuses on soft tension filled hits from unlikely sources... TH2 focuses more on in your face loud and epic impacts.  All of these impacts come from unconventional sources such as chairs, tubes, stage hits, doors, sticks, metal shelves, and candelabras.  We even recorded ensemble stomps on the stage which sound HUGE and epic!  Tension Hits 2 is a wealth of instant inspiration stemming from unconventional percussion sources.  There are no loops or phrases here, these are all multisampled recordings meticulously recorded via a very nice matched pair mic set.


Speaking of recording.. these were all recorded in a large old hall built in the late 1800s so they all have a very cool air about them.  In fact, the hall is featured in our very cool GUI art by Glyn Lloyd.  All of the patches (save for one of the two stomps patches) feature 4 X RR. 


The GUI features some easily tweakable controls to really change the sound of each of the patches.  These tweaks include Attack, Release, Lo, Mid, and Hi gain knobs, and the indispensable pitch knob.  The toggleable covolution reverb makes these sound HUGE and we even included 13 easily selectable impulse responses.  


Just watch the full walkthrough video to the right to see precisely what TH2 is all about!



Video Walkthrough