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this library is sold exclusively through sampleism.com


  • HUGE out of the box epic percussion goodness

  • Recordings of a large 13" x 13" old medieval drum

  • Recorded in a dry studio setting AND in a large hall built in 1896

  • The drum was recorded being struck by

    • A traditional large leather mallet

    • Traditional Drum Sticks

    • A Rottan (traditionally used with frame drums)

    • Hands

  • 4 x RR for each hit and up to 5 velocity layers!

  • Close to 500 Unique Samples

  • Additional FX / Rolls patches

  • Highly (and easily) tweakable GUI

  • Toggleable Convolution Reverb 

  • Control the High, Mid, and LO EQ tweaks from the GUI

  • Control the attack and release of each patch from the GUI

  • Control the PITCH of each patch from the GUI

  • 13 custom convolution reverb IRs, easily selectable via the GUI

  • Built in Arpeggiator

  • Cinematic and EPIC percussion out of the box!

  • For the FULL version of Kontakt 4.2+



Vitals about the instrument unEarthed
SIEGE DRUM Explained



Whether a dragon is attacking a town, or a squad of archers are releasing a hellfire of arrows on to a castle... SIEGE DRUM should be in your composing arsenal to help up the drama of your music! Our third release brings a cost effective set of cinematic / epic drum multisamples to your composing palette perfect for your next film or game score. For SIEGE DRUM we have recorded a large 13 x 13 Medieval Davul Drum in both a studio setting for extremely dry recordings as well as in an old late 19th century hall built in 1896 giving the recordings a very unique and nice sense of space. Only compatible with the FULL version of Kontakt 4.2+


We recorded (in both venues) the drum being hit by hands, a large leather mallet, a rattan, as well as traditional sticks each giving the drum a very unique timbre. Every hit has 4X Round Robins and up to 5 velocity layers. 14 patches in all, this drum can have some serious low end or even masquerade as a tom, open snare, or frame drum. If played together these patches can sound MASSIVE. Also included are a series of FX and rolls adding a nice bonus to the entire package. Like Ambient Metal Percussion, the GUI has all of the same tweaks and features from an Arpeggiator, to pitch control, 13 custom Impulse Responses, a dry / wet control, and even the ability to control the EQ, attack, and release of the samples! 


The pitch control in particular makes SIEGE DRUM into a wholly new instrument.  Lowering the pitch can make it sound much like a huge taiko or bassdrum, while raising it can make the drum sound like a Tom or even a Dholak.  Versatility all at a cost effective price are key with this release and we know you'll love adding this to your compositions.  

Video Walkthrough


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